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Press Releases May 2013

Although all published articles provide scholarly research important to enhancing the Communication field, this month we will be featuring two articles which we believe will resonate with our audiences.

Written by Drs. Kirstie Farrar, Marina Kcrmar and Rory McGloin, the authors examine the roles that video game characters play in increasing aggression in players.

The Perception of Human Appearance in Video Games

Written by Dr. Jason Martin, this article discusses our knowledge of international knowledge, especially during a crisis, and our responses to these events through charitable giving.

Closing Gaps in International Knowledge and Participation

Press Releases March 2013 

Mass Communication and Society published  issue 16(2) in March 2013.

Written by Drs. Maja Krakowiak, Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, and Dr. Mina Tsay-Vogel,  Assistant Professor of Communication at Boston University, the authors explore how forgiving television viewers may be when dealing with “bad” characters. You can access this article at the Taylor and Francis website.

16-2 Krakowiak Press Release

Written by Dr. Xiaoxia Cao, Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the article investigates the use of different camera angles (used in two different documentaries), and how the angles effect viewers’ empathetic responses. This article is available for download on the Taylor and Francis website.

16-2 Cao Press Release

Journal Information 

With each issue Mass Communication and Society publishes 6-7 research articles. For more information about the additional articles published you can visit Taylor and Francis’ website. Currently, many of our past and present articles are available on their website. For additional information regarding the journal, please contact Editor, Dr. Stephen Perry.


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