Featured Authors

Mass Communication and Society is honored to work with innovative authors dedicated to the field of Communication. Although we publish a single article written by an author, these individuals have much more to offer. As we publish issues of MCS, we will be featuring several authors from each.   

                              Dr. Jason Martin

Jason Martin PictureJason Martin is an assistant professor in the College of Communication at DePaul University. He has published research articles on media effects, political communication, and media law topics that focus on how developments in information technologies are altering journalism and mass communication’s role in society. He teaches courses in journalism skills, media law and ethics, and political communication. Martin lives in Chicago with his wife Deanna, a former Associated Press reporter who he met at the Daily Athenaeum campus newspaper at West Virginia University as an undergraduate; their young daughters; and their German Shepherd. After a career in journalism spent mostly as a sportswriter at daily newspapers, Martin attended graduate school at Indiana University where he studied under Dr. David Weaver. Martin enjoys attending rock shows, running   Chicago’s forest preserve trails, and watching classic movies with a special interest in Alfred Hitchcock’s films. He has run a half-dozen half-marathons and survived his first and (probably only)  full marathon in 2010 while completing his dissertation in Indianapolis.


                         Dr. Kirstie Farrar

Kirstie FarrarKirstie Farrar is an Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Connecticut. Her current research interests include the effects of violent video games on aggressive  outcomes, the effects of media portrayals of infant feeding on women’s attitudes and behaviors related to breastfeeding, and the impact of tween sitcom viewing on family conflict and communication. In addition to academic pursuits, she is also a proud mother to three kids and two dogs. Kirstie is the captain of a March of Dimes Family Team that has raised over $15,000 to support research into the causes and consequences of premature birth. For fun, she loves watching reality television shows like Survivor, Doomsday Preppers, and Alaska State Troopers and is a huge fan of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Sometimes, she even finds time to play video games with her husband! In her spare time, Kirstie is also a karate student and assistant instructor at Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts.


                 Dr. Robert Lewis 

Robert Lewis PictureRobert Lewis is an assistant professor in the College of Communication at the University of Texas-Austin. He has published research articles in several communication publications such as the Journal of Communication and the Journal of Arts & Technology. Lewis received his Master’s at the University of Missouri before heading to Michigan State University where he received his Ph.D at Michigan State University in Communication.


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