As a way to reach out to a wider audience, Mass Communication and Society is excited to unveil our online press kit. This webpage will provide a wide range of information from author bios to press releases to our latest news announcements. Our journal publishes articles on topics that have an impact on a diverse range of communication-related topics. These articles have been featured in Men’s Health, ABC News, Huffington Post, Co.Create,  Science Daily and several other online news outlets.

The Communication field effects individuals’ lives in different ways. This online press kit will allow us to keep you informed on the latest research and published articles. Please browse our webpage to find out more about MCS and the hard work of our authors.

Mass Communication and Society is a publication of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). We work with AEJMC on a variety of projects including our annual reports, newsletters and surveys.

For the latest information about MCS, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


This month Mass Communication and Society publishes it’s third issue of 2013. The article’s span a variety of topics in Mass Communication such as political blogging, video game violence, and international crisis. Authors from this issue are featured on this site, as well as press releases on two articles relevant to mass audiences.


Mass Communication and Society is excited to become a part of our publisher’s, Taylor and Francis, rapid workflow project. This will allow you to have access to our articles at a quicker pace.  Journal articles that have been selected for publication will immediately go online after review, instead of having to wait to go online when the article is printed in an issue of our journal. We hope this helps you with your research and feel free to browse our Taylor and Francis website for the latest published articles!


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